Napa Valley District Auditorium, Napa High School

2475 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA 94558

Advance tickets are sold at the studio 1 week prior to show. Tickets can also be purchased at the door one hour prior to performance. Adult ticket $15 | Seniors & Child (12 and under) $10


3 Mandatory Rehearsals - June 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2020

All rehearsals are closed to the public. If you would like to volunteer back stage please sign-up with Sandy.

All female students are to wear dance attire, tights, & proper dance shoes, your hair in a bun secured with bobby pins & a hair net.

All male students are to wear athletic pants & T-shirt (not baggy) and your dance shoes.  Absolutely no jewelry!  If you are only there for an hour bring water. If you are there longer bring healthy snacks & a book, homework or something quiet to do. If you have questions please ask before we go to rehearsals.

Parents: please make sure your child’s name is in their shoes, on their dance bag & costume for dress rehearsal. This will help get them to you sooner!

Please consider others and be on time.



Holiday Performances are a time of year that we at Napa Valley Dance Center have a chance to give back to the community that supports the arts. Annual performances including the Downtown Napa Christmas Tree Lighting, around the valley and surrounding communities give our students the ability to learn and perfect their performing skills. Time spent together bonds classes and teaches our students that sharing their talent and time is a gift, turning them into true entertainers.

Each performance is a unique opportunity and experience to learn what it is like to perform in a live show while grasping their feel for the stage and what it is like to be an entertainer.

Holiday performances are not “Mandatory” but we request that each student actively perform in at least half of the performances to experiance the solid education that comes with these performances.

Please check back early in the holiday season for our Holiday Schedule and venues that are open to the public.


Please check back for our full Summer Schedule of performances



Our students attend dance conventions and competitions taught by the latest Choreographers from most innovative shows, for example "So you think you can Dance". More to come!

Dates to be announced

Dates to be announced


After a successful premier, RADIX is excited to begin their 2017 tour! In their second season, RADIX will be touring 22 major cities across the United States and Canada; concluding with Nationals in Las Vegas, NV! The RADIX workshop classes will begin each day with "root classes", focusing on a solid dance foundation of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Modern technique. The classes will then lead into today's cutting-edge dance styles including Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk & Improv. The RADIX mission is to offer the fundamentals of dance technique and then push dancers to expand their idea of dance and movement so that they can achieve new heights of artistic self-expression.

Each event will also include a state-of-the-art dance competition, which will encourage and reward versatility in all styles of dance.

The RADIX creative team is committed to offering a truly unique artistic experience at each event. Our promise is to have each dancer return to their studio feeling motivated and inspired!