Napa Valley Dance Center, under the direction of Sandra Nugent, opened its doors in 1979 to bring the community and it’s children an understanding and appreciation of the Art of Dance. To date, dedicating.40 years of Performing Arts and Education to the Napa Valley, NVDC is known for maintaining a high level of technique while successfully integrating classical with the modern styles of today.

Our students are given the opportunity to attend fall and summer educational workshops and select day trips to watch other professionals in the industry.

Our students have performed throughout the Bay Area, Northern California and as far as Cancun, Mexico. Napa Valley Dance Center was invited to perform at the "International Dance Festival Cancun" which allowed our students the opportunity to be part of a cultural and educational experience. Students studied folkloric classes while performing throughout Cancun, showcasing their style and bringing Classical Dance to others. Another educational focus is giving back to the community. Students perform locally throughout the year gaining experience and confidence in their performance abilities while bringing the love of dance to our community.

Napa Valley Dance Center specializes in children, preparing them technically for auditions and careers in the entertainment industry. Our students have been accepted by both the American Ballet Theater and The Joffery Ballet programs. Great emphasis is placed on commitment, discipline, classical techniques and performing skills. Through class and performance children build not only a strong education, but confidence, self-esteem, body and athletic awareness. Students are given a lifetime of love and appreciation for music and the art of dance.



2 High Silver Awards - 2016

Gold - 2015

High Silver - 2015


Best Dance Studio - 2016

Best Dance Studio - 2015

Best Performing Dance Company - 2015

Best Ballet Company - 2014

Best Dance Studio - 2014

Best Performing Dance Company - 2014


Napa Valley Dance Center was opened in 1979 under the direction of Sandra Nugent. Sandy started her love for dance with the Ramapo Jr. Ballet Company at the Ramsey Dance Academy in New Jersey. Teachers included Mme. Sonya Dobrovynska of the Imperial Russian Ballet, Miss Lyn Sloan of the New York City Ballet, King Kopp of the International Ballet School of NY. Sandy's childhood education also included summers classes with the New York City Ballet. Her talents brought her to the NYC television show Wonderama and flourished with the companies many community service performances and recitals. Later studying all styles of Ballroom as well as French Classical Ballet, Character, Modern Ballet, Jazz and Tap techniques.

Our Instructors have spent most of their lives studying the art of movement, rhythm and expression through different venues of higher-level institutions, workshops, cultural studies, street styles and international travels.

As artists, we come together in collaboration and as instructors stand solely on our individual styles of expression to give to our students.


Lauren began her love of dance at the age of 3 years old and hasn't stopped since. She was a student of Sandy's right here at Napa Valley Dance Center until she was 18. Teaching throughout her college career, she was thrilled to begin teaching as an adult for Sandy in 2007 when she moved back to Napa.

She has traveled all over the world choreographing and performing including South Korea, Mexico, Las Vegas and many more! What she most enjoys about teaching is the connection she finds with her students. She loves helping them find their inner strength while encouraging them to push past their comfort zones to truly find their best dancer and best selves. She loves being able to contribute to their growth as a strong, healthy dancer! Her biggest influence in dance is Sandy Nugent as she gives selflessly everyday to making everyone else's lives more enriched.Her passion reminds Lauren's of why we do what we do!